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  1. that was a rly quick response =) once i find his...

    that was a rly quick response =) once i find his guide ill try it and hopefully everything goes smoothly

    wut i think ima end up doing is just saving all the apps i have on my computer then...
  2. wii remote quits syncing with the wii when i run any cIOS id rly appreciate some help

    first off i have 4.2 and im new to softmoding my wii. i have torrent experience and emulators and stuff so the initial installation was easy, i didnt have any problems installing the homebrew channel...
  3. Thread: hey

    by deadtouch66


    hello, im new to the wii hacking world but im not rly new to hacking ive been working with emulators and stuff like that for a few years. i was wondering wut more could i do with my wii and came...
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