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  1. That did worked! Now it loaded with IOS249 (up in...

    That did worked! Now it loaded with IOS249 (up in left corner) and not IOS36 as earlier. Thanks a million :)
  2. Error with SM 4.2 when installing Priiloader

    I get a problem with my System Menu when installing Priiloader.

    DOP-Mii Report
    Region, Europe (E)
    Hollywood Version, 0x11
    Wii Unique DeviceID, 56550869

    IOS Version, FakeSign,...
  3. Thread: dsgsdgs

    by Sjoval

    Poll: Thanks!

    Just wanted to say that the new download (r4) does not work.

    I fixed a friends virgine 4.3E with this guide, and it worked perfect. Just want the hold of the new Zip.r4

    Thank you for all your...
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