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    Sync saved game info over Wifi?

    First off thanks to everyone for all the help in the past! Just a quick question:

    I have multiple hacked wii's and it would be incredible if there was an easier way to keep the saved game data...
  2. He claims he did, but I'm not so sure he did it...

    He claims he did, but I'm not so sure he did it right. Before I tell him to re-follow the mauifrog tutorial, I'm gonna have him fully resync wiimotes (hold red sync on wii for 15 secs etc). But I am...
  3. Staff of Kings freezes then causes wiimote not to work in

    So I modded my buddy's Wii using MauiFrog's tutorial (and put it on 4.1u). This is second hand, but he told me it was working great, then he played Indiana Jones Staff of Kings in CFG USB Loader. ...
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    Hey guys, everything on my wii seems to be in...

    Hey guys, everything on my wii seems to be in order (i'm not on my 6th one:) ), but whenever I fire up Dop-Mii 14.2 and click on IOS58+AHBPROT I instantly get the stack dump. I'm not sure I actually...
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    Configurable USB Loader freezes on game load (plus other weird cIOS related issues)

    Hey everyone, I've been having a bit of an issue with the last few wii's I've attempted (the 6th, 7th and 8th to be specific) . I chalked the 7th one up to a faulty USB Thumb drive (since the drive...
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    Hey guys...

    I'm sorry I just got around to this, but my name is Seth and I'm a recent addition to the WiiHacks Community. I'm currently working on my 5th wii and having difficulty with USB Loader GX. I'll try...
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