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  1. WBFS, FAT 32 or Partition of both ? What do you think ????

    :confused: Hey peeps, Im a bit stumped on whether to use WBFS, FAT 32 or Partition of both for my new HDD and just wanted some feed back on what all you nice people think (help me obi wan your my...
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    Need Guide 4 Wii Scrubber

    Hey every one, I was just needing some help with using Wii Scrubber so if some one can point me to a guide or something would be much appreciated.... Thanx all :confused:
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    Need Help Shrinking Games

    :confused: Hey peeps, Just needed to know the best ways of shrinking games down ? I only have a limited amount of space left on my drive (NOT MUCH) and am not sure what to do. Thanx heaps
  4. Am i able to play online with a soft mod wii ???

    :confused: I know every one has probly seen this question a million times, and im probly the only person on the site that doesnt know the answer, but, am i able to play games with a usb loader online...
  5. Problem with usb loader GX when selecting games

    :confused: When i flick through my list of games to choose one it switches to a sreen saying ''Exception DSI Occurrered'' can some one please help me fix my problem. cheers
  6. Can usb loader gx play wii ware and vc games ????

    :confused: I already have usb loader gx installed and was just wondering if it can run wii ware and vc games. It plays all my back ups perfectly so im very happy with it so far, would appreciate the...
  7. champion, thanx heaps....

    champion, thanx heaps....
  8. What are the best programs to play wii ware and vc games

    :confused: I was just wondering what the best programs were to play wii ware and vc games. I allready have triiforce but when i want to change to a different game i have turn my wii off and on again....
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    sweet mate just introduced my self thanks for the...

    sweet mate just introduced my self thanks for the help.
  10. Thread: Hey peeps !!!!!!

    by UMSTA

    Hey peeps !!!!!!

    Hi to everyone im 30 yrs old long time gamer, i got nearly every console and handheld under the sun and love every 1 of them. New to internet and modding my self (used to pay people to do it. what a...
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    How to split a drive between fat32 and wbfs..

    I have been trying to figure it out but cant. If any one can help me out it would be much appreciated. (i have win 7)
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