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  1. Game Cube Back Ups not working in 4.3 - Please Help Me

    Hi & Thanks in advance,

    i have recently safely up udated to 4.3u from 4.2u softmode using a very helpful guide from this site. I haven't tried any gamecube games in 4.3 until tonight when i found...
  2. DLC for Lego Rock Band? - Please Help or direct me....

    i have been searching all over the place for this. i know there are DLC hacks for rock band & rock band 2 but what about lego rockband? i have searched for many days but to no straigt answer....
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    Ultimate Band NTSC Help!

    Hello & thanks for at least taking time to get this far in helping me! :D
    i have ultimate band NTSC RULE4Q. i am trying to load it using neogamma R8 beta 15 ios249 (rev 19) in wii 4.2. can someone...
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    cool - can you help?

    how can i get this to run in neo gamma on 4.2? i know i have RULE4Q. can you help een searching everywhere for help...
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