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  1. Please help need thread title desperately!

    I need help with usb loader gx. it was working fine until today i updated usb loader gx. so i updated it and restarted the wii, i went on to the homebrew channel and loaded up usb loader gx except...
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    USB loader gx help

    i have had usb loader for a few days all is fine i have 2 games on there and then i updates usb loader. so i restarted the wii and tried to go on usb loader and it loaded to %48 and it wont move i...
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    I need help with ocarina on USB Loader GX

    Hi i need help with Ocarina on usb loader gx. I have downloaded code down loader and CheatManager and i did every thing WiiBrew told me to do but when i try to convert a .txt file to a .gct file it...
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