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  1. Yeah, particularly Xenoblade (JPN version). It's...

    Yeah, particularly Xenoblade (JPN version). It's already been ripped to a USB drive -- in which I'm trying to find the proper app to load games from, as well.
  2. Looking for proper region changer for 4.3U in order to play JPN imports..

    Can't seem to find it.. Any help would be appreciate, i.e. any recommended tutorials?
  3. Awesome. What are some recommended region-free...

    Awesome. What are some recommended region-free play and usb loader tutorials?
  4. A tad bit lost on region-free play and usb loader..

    I'm trying to run Xenoblade either off of a back-up disc, or a USB thumb drive (for the increased load speed). To accomplish this in general I have to(?) bypass the region lock on my NA Wii. As far...
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    Hello, world!

    Just wanted to introduce myself.. ..and I suck at introductions.. o_o; Um, well, I just recently got into the "scene" because of the advent of Nintendo choosing to release shovel-ware over...
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