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    Lool, :P Thanks guys.

    Lool, :P
    Thanks guys.
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    Image quality of NTSC games on PAL Wii.

    Hello everyone, I'll try to make this quick. I have a question.

    Is there any noticeable differences loading NTSC games on my PAL Wii through a Component Cable Setup?

    (Using USB Loader GX if...
  3. Whoa, the title mislead me for a bit, but...

    Whoa, the title mislead me for a bit, but checking it's contents I can see it'll help me! Thanks.

    Sorry for the useless thread staff. Problem solved.

    Thank you once again, kunparekh18.
  4. Please help a lost newbie with updated Softmodding.

    Hello there friends.

    I'll try to make this short.

    A year or so ago I followed this guide: to softmod my Wii,...
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