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    Black Screen After Region Change

    Hi Again :-)

    It seems "strange" every new issue i encounter.... Long Way to go before i can help others i guess :(

    History / Details :

    Model: Korean [RVL - 001[KOR] - LKM 103XXXXXX

  2. Hey Mauifrog, Well would love to do that but...

    Hey Mauifrog,

    Well would love to do that but to reinstall the WAD ... i need to have a wad manager or access to the Homebrew - unable to access any of those at all.

    Interestingly did find this...
  3. Hackmii / Any Install/Load Leads to Black Screen

    I am unable to install anything or boot with anything using banner bomb

    Model : KOR(001) - LKM107258335

    This box was modded with a region change to 4.0U using Homebrew and Neo Gamma 3 -[ No...
  4. Korean Wii With a 3.5 ver Updated to 4.0U fails Hack

    I am trying to hack a WII that turns on but acts just like a brick.

    1. The Wii originally is a Korean 3.5 Version
    2. It has been updated by someone to a 4.0U with the basic System menu
    3. Does...
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