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  1. Just changed IOS in Preloader to IOS 30 and=...

    Just changed IOS in Preloader to IOS 30 and= System Menu is back
  2. Semi-Brick on downgraded 3.2u after trying to install Preloader

    So, I semi-bricked somehow again, no biggie, I followed the instructions by loading HBC boot.dol through Preloader then using Wad Manager to install IOS30 then SystemMenu 0.289 (3.2u). Then I...
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    Hello Wiimates!

    So, quick question here. I have a soft modded Wii, I use Softchip, I have the proper IOS installed. Some of the games I burn (at 4x) get a disc error well into the game. I play it, it seems fine,...
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