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  1. softmod

    have u ever thought about softmodding your wii I have a chip in mine.It is ok to have the best of both worlds.If you do you must look into backing up your nand.Click on the link under my sig and read...
  2. What kind of mod chip?

    First what kind of mod chip.Is it still being updated.I have a wii that has Wiikey 1 in it But I cant leave anything alone.So I went and softmodded mine.Still need your firmware.

    I moved...
  3. helping us to help you

    The first thing that is needed is your firmware version.It will help us in telling you what steps you have to take.Yes there are safe ways to update your wii but we need firmware version. Thank You
  4. Replies

    Retail disk is good.Always have wiiscrubber on...

    Retail disk is good.Always have wiiscrubber on hand.If your going to go usb or burn back to disk.We dont know what your firmware is on your wii.To us it might not be an update but to you it could...
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    Old modder in a new world

    I guess I will come out of the woodwork.
    Hello wiihacks and all its members.I have been modding for a long time.I come from xbox-scene.I'm a nut about modding.If it can be modded I have or will mod...
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