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  1. Allrighty, I followed the guide, and luckily...

    Allrighty, I followed the guide, and luckily everything seems okay now. We're just getting ''USB device don't work as USB 2.0'' error in uLoader, but I think that's her USB stick's problem, 'cause I...
  2. Consider me introduced...

    Consider me introduced :)

    Thanks for your reply, I looked around the net to see if someone else had this too, and checked it out at another topic for a bit before making this post, but I still had...
  3. Thread: Wassup?

    by killeroy_nl


    Hey all, I'm killeroy_nl, and since it's not hard to guess what my real name is, I might as well tell you, it's Roy. I live in Europe, in Holland/the Netherlands to be exact.

    I've always been a...
  4. Accidental Other M update.. Homebrew Channel intact?

    Allright, so here's the story..

    My girlfriend bought a wii, and I softmodded it for her (She had firmware 4.2E at the moment), all went well, etc. Now recently, I had bought Metroid Other M, and I...
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