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  1. Where do I start if I'm missing a few components?...

    Where do I start if I'm missing a few components? I remember the last owner of the Wii telling me that mine was softmodded with an old method which is super risky. He told me that mine doesn't have...
  2. Having Issues Playing Real, Legit Games with a Modded Wii

    Hi All,

    I recently bought Prince of Persia, the Forgotten Sands at a really nice deal and even though I have a modded Wii now, I'm still a sucker for originals. There is one problem though, I...
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    Hey Everybody! -NEWBIE-

    Hey Everybody, I'm Maradan.

    I'm new to the community and took over from someone who used to take care of my Wii, but can't anymore so I'm new to the soft-modding practices in general. Let's have...
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