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    Safe to update after soft mod???

    I have a Wii running 4.2U that I soft modded last year. I've been using USB Loader GX, and just ran into a problem trying to run Netflix. It's saying that using a disc is no longer supported and I...
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    Backing up WBFS drive - few questions

    I've got a softmodded 4.2U Wii with a 500GB HDD attached. I've been loading a bunch of games, but I keep reading about people having drive problems, and was thinking about doing a backup.

  3. Thanks for the info. Any thoughts about the...

    Thanks for the info.

    Any thoughts about the black screen and lockup?
  4. I think I broke bootmii (not sure what to do)

    I've got a Wii with 4.2U and used the guides to hack it. I've got whatever was in the guide, usb loader gx, etc. I had to install bootmii as an IOS instead of boot2. Now I've got a couple of...
  5. New Wii needs update??? I thought that was bad

    I just got a new Wii over the weekend, and started getting it setup. I saw that it's running 4.2u

    I tried going to the internet channel, and it's telling me that I need some system update in...
  6. Thread: Newbie saying Hi

    by JeffS

    Newbie saying Hi

    Hi all,
    I just got my wii yesterday and plugged in this morning.
    I'm looking forward to modding it to enable all the other features
    like backups, homebrew, etc.

    Just making my token intro post....
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