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  1. Yeah, the TV series weren't as fun as the first...

    Yeah, the TV series weren't as fun as the first two games. I'm sure this should be the winner of them all!
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    My review: Ultimate Band

    Ultimate Band

    My review of this game:
  3. Rabbids Go Home - The next Rabbids game!

    Rabbids Go Home

    My opinion: I love their other games, I think it was called Rayman Raving Rabbids 2? And their...
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    Dead Space Extraction [Exclusive for Wii]

    Dead Space Extraction

    My opinion: After watching several videos of this, I think this seems to be a really cool game I...
  5. Oh okay, thanks!

    Oh okay, thanks!
  6. New to the WiiHacks Scene, and have a few questions..

    Okay, I just recently been able to put homebrew on my Wii, and a USB loader, and got some games to work. However I have so many questions that i cannot find the answer to anywhere! Even Google.

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