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    Help playing super smash bros brawl plz!!!!!

    Hi i have a pal wii and burnt a NTSC copy of supersmash bros brawl on a DVD+DL disc i loader with 0.3 gamma backup launcher play in adventure mode and in the middle of the match get a disc read error...
  2. How to play Tna Impact NTSC game on Pal wii using 0.3gamma

    hi, i have a pal wii version 3.3E and i am trying to load tna impact (ntsc)game using 0.3 gamma, but when ever i click load game it comes up in black and white, when force pal 60 a frozen green...
  3. How do i install wii internet channell while i am using hombrew channell?

    i have got a pal wii and have used Muzers_installer_v2(fixed) to access wii shop channell but now when downloading the internet channell i am being asked to turn wii connect 24 on. But i am afraid my...
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