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    I'm not a pirate!

    I had the original copy but it got stolen i just have the backup. So back off. i bet 90% of people that come on here pirate games what do you expect people do do with a hacked wii. i have no reason...
  2. i only seen info about online if u have the...

    i only seen info about online if u have the original copy and i do not or about doing the update on a modded wii. if i'm rong please refer me to the info i'm looking for please. thanks a bunch
  3. is it safe to get update to play cod black ops online with softmoded wii with usb

    i'm playing a backup of black ops on usb and want to play online can i do the update?
  4. Thread: dsgsdgs

    by slavinski

    Poll: Very F#$king good work!

    Best instructions ever (first time hacking) THANK YOU!!!!
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