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  1. ios36

    so when installing new stuff to the Wii, IOS36 is responsible for checking the signature of the new software?... is this unique to IOS36 or is there some other reason that IOS36 is used for a...
  2. Dogeggs tutorial - CIOSinstaller clarification

    followed the dogeggs tutorial successfully but I'd like to clear something up so when I need to update I'll understand what's going on...


    in the dogeggs tutorial STEP 3.d , when...
  3. What can be removed from the SD card after a softmod?

    I went through DogEggs 3.1-4.1 tutorial successfully

    When I go to my SD card from the Wii menu, the console freezes. Should I remove boot.elf from the SD once I'm done ?

    I have to keep the...
  4. Replies

    USB Loader GX Small problem

    followed the Dogeggs (softmod) and gen3sf (USB loading) tutorials.... great work guys...


    I installed the USB Loader GX forwarder, and on my SD card in apps/usbloader_gx i put the...
  5. Thread: hello all

    by smchacko

    hello all

    didn't think I'd want to mod my wii, but loading games off a USB hard drive is too cool not to try.

    I've read the guides over and over, but there are still some things that confuse me

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