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    part 2 of tutorial

    Part 1 of the tutorial works fine, but when I get to part 2. Custom WM it says to choose 'cios_fix.wad' I pick that but then get error messege
    ret= -1035. After searching around I only get...
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    anytitle deleter

    I ran the anytitle deleter app and it states after informing the Wii that it is it's Daddy...! that my System menu on Sysconf regions differ(semi-brick)
    System menu:2 and Sysconf: 1
    I have a US Wii...
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    Wii 4.0U Semi-Bricked

    My Wii is ver. 4.0U
    Was reformatted
    Has Homebrew Channel, SaveMii(boot 2), and DVDx installed
    My Wiimote does not work with the SaveMii boot and I must hold reset to get to the main channel screen...
  4. Ok, scratch what I just wrote, now it won't play...

    Ok, scratch what I just wrote, now it won't play any games. It gives me Disc read error 721 for burned games and unable to read disc error for purchased games.

    Here are the specs I can find:...
  5. Store bought games will not play on my modded Wii?

    I apologize if this question has been answered, but I've been searching for the past two days now and have come up with nothing. I had softmodded my Wii a while ago so I could use the emulators and...
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