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  1. Wii Softmod 4.1u updated with SMG2 to 4.2u

    Hello ratonjd, are you Latin?, anyway quick question, same thing happen in my Wii (well my kid's Wii) I had softmod my Wii some months ago with the excelent guide posted here for Virgin Wii 3.4u to...
  2. How to play Original SMG2 (Super Mario Galaxy2) in a Softmod 4.1 /IOS v38 rev 14

    I just receive a gift with the SMG2 but now is asking me to update my Wii, do you know how or what do I have to do to skip this step ? do I need to Update or apply any IOS?

    My Wii is softmod with...
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    Thanks men,,, It works for me I had same problem...

    Thanks men,,, It works for me I had same problem with 3.4u I got brick but now I've my wii back , I followed your instructions

    I did install again the IOS50 v4889 and then System Menu v385

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