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  1. Help extracting a corrupt nand, I'm totally stumped

    So my softmodded wii is bricked. I can not find my nand backup. It is an early model wii (if that matters). I can get into bootmii which is installed on boot2. My main concern is getting my saves off...
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    I dont have a nand backup, I thought bootmii was...

    I dont have a nand backup, I thought bootmii was setup but it doesn't seem to be working. I did this mod back when I didn't know quite as much about the wii. Can't the data be read off of the nand...
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    Can anyone recover my data?

    So I softmodded my wii a while ago. Everything was fine for a long time and one day it just wouldn't turn on. No picture, completely blank. I have replaced the bluetooth module and the wifi module...
  4. Recover my saved data, you get to keep my bricked Wii

    Ok so here is the deal. I had a softmodded wii. About 4 months ago it stopped working. It looks like it turns on fine but I get no picture, I also can not sync my wiimote. I opened it up and screwed...
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