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  1. Details on Sensor Bar LED configuration

    Hi there,

    I'm making a currently setting up my Wii with a projector. I'll be putting the Wii next to the projector (which is mounted to the ceiling) and therefore will make my own sensor bar to...
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    Thanks, Cile, I didn't realise I could use...

    Thanks, Cile,

    I didn't realise I could use IOS38 as a base for IOS249, even though my rev17 was actually base 38 :)
    I have rev21 in IOS248 and IOS250 with different bases, and CFG and WiiFlow...
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    Updating IOS249 and ES Identify

    Hi there everyone,

    short question: Will upgrading ios249 remove ES Identify, and is this a problem?

    Long question:
    I currently have IOS249 rev17 installed. In order to try some new apps (In...
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