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  1. Wii not booting to system menu. Please Help!

    EDIT: Nevermind. Turns out the channel I created to launch Mario Party 9 (via WiiGSC) somehow caused the issue. I have uninstalled the wad and it is now working fine.
  2. I'd heard about the dolphin emulator part so that...

    I'd heard about the dolphin emulator part so that gave me hope.

    Thank you for the link, never seen that site before :)

    EDIT: Considering Flingsmash is known to include compatible wiimotes,...
  3. Thread: Hello guys

    by Fug1t1ve

    Hello guys

    So I'm a new member to the site, though this isn't my first visit. Back when I first got my wii (late last year) I used some helpful links from this site for the process of softmodding. Though now...
  4. Homebrew incompatible Wii remotes (newer models)

    Does anybody here perhaps know whether a fix is in progress for this? This has seriously inconvenienced me as my brother's puppy chewed up my old working wiimote so I had to buy a new one and found...
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