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    IMPORTANT! - please read and respond!

    if SOPA is passed:

    Almost every major site will be shut down or limited. This most likely includes google, yahoo, wiki, YouTube, Facebook,...
  2. Sticky: dude you can just use neogamma backup loader and...

    dude you can just use neogamma backup loader and change bootup to PAL
  3. Sticky: Hey guys. I got the wii shop channel to update...

    Hey guys. I got the wii shop channel to update without updating wii. My brothers destroyed my mw3 DVD, but I had a backup copy on my USB. How do I update modern warfare 3 using shop channel?
  4. Sticky: a little help plz.

    can anyone make a video of this process? I am totally confused. I don't mind whichever backuploader you use. Please help me and thanks in advance!
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    uh, a little help?

    i went to ios changer link on mega upload but it says that the download has been removed for violating terms or conditions. where can i download the ios changer
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    Help help help

    i read the guide but i cant use cios 250. it shows that its installed, but when i use use neeogamma r7, r8, and r9, it says ios 249. when i get into the game using neogamma it freezes at the loading...
  7. Thread: hey guys

    by kukki555

    hey guys

    im new and i needsome help. i am trying to uninstall ios249 but i don't know how. i read that i need to install ios250 to play black ops. well i have that installed using wad manager but i dont know...
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