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  1. Hmm, interesting! i'll look up a guide, thanks...

    Hmm, interesting!
    i'll look up a guide, thanks for your help guys

    if there is any other option that does not involve money, im listening

    you're so negative, let the mad scientist in you...
  2. I'm not. i just wanna know if there is any way...

    I'm not. i just wanna know if there is any way to actually play the backups without a GC-controller.

    I'd rather buy a GCport and solder it on, than buying a new wii -if that is a option
  3. Wii with no gc ports loads gc backups fine, but yeah.. no ports

    So i recently bought a new wii, since i gave my old one to my sister.
    The new wii is modded with a WODE, and i have softmodded it.
    believing i could run my old gc backups i tried running them from...
  4. How to force 3.4 wii to a 4.1 offline, with a game disk?

    So. i have been googleing, and searching this forum for about 5 hours, and nothing.

    I recently updated my wii to 3.4 from 3.1 with Marumasa, and my question is then: What game do i need in order...
  5. No more heroes 2 wont get past logoscreen

    So, i tried running a backup No more heroes 2 on my hardmodded 3.1E wii, without success.
    I have never updated my IOS, and i didn't find the game in "the list of problematic games"

    Here is how i...
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