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    it plays games with problems as "tintin" and back...

    it plays games with problems as "tintin" and back to the future???
  2. den nomizw pws yparxei twra...

    den nomizw pws yparxei twra toulahiston giati o gamecube backup loader diavazei apo to drive ki oxi apo sklhro...ektos ki an vghke ki all de vghke pantws to sigouro einai oti...
  3. thank you. i fixed it..

    thank you. i fixed it..
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    silent hill 001 error

    is there any way for playing my silent hill backup without getting 001 error??i ve tried all the possible choices from my neogamma..

    thank you
  5. i can't reinstall homebrew channel with hackmii, please help me

    hello, my name is john and i m from greece. I recently did an update in 4.2 firmware because i wanted to download last tales of monkey island, and when i updated i noticed that my homebrew channel...
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