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  1. Yes I did, no luck there. I have to point out...

    Yes I did, no luck there. I have to point out that other games wich i had old saved games manage to recognize them perfectly when loading the game from the usb. Only Zelda and Deblod don't see their...
  2. Not finding my Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Saved Games when loading from usb


    First of all, I tried to search as much as I could before posting. That said, I have the following problem.

    I softmoded my Wii and everything is working fine, I can load all games and...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone,

    Just posting to introduce myself and say I am really excited for finding this website. Recently I softmodded my Wii that i left in the closet for a few years. Now she is back in...
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