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    what will being on fat32 loading do? is that just...

    what will being on fat32 loading do? is that just loading off ios 222? can't I do that anyways with loading wiiflow on ios 222 without spending 5 hours copying all the backups to my computer hd and...
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    Problems with cIOS 249

    Hi everyone,

    ive been searching on the forums and have been bugging everyone on the IRC channel, without avail. So, I thought it was time for my first post...

    Everything on my wii was running...
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    try looking at or...

    try looking at or for some custom user created covers. They might have what you are looking for. They also have templates to create your own wii covers, so you...
  4. Has anyone gotten the socalled "D2Nothing" Drive aka GC2-D3 / no-ic chip?

    If so are you going to:

    return it and buy a used one?
    try and trade with friend?
    soft mod it?
    wait until there are new mod chips?

    just wondering and hoping mine isn't a D2nothing before I...
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