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  1. Many thanks Cile, have deleted and downloaded new...

    Many thanks Cile, have deleted and downloaded new mplayer from your sig, also the cIOS38, and mplayer fowarder, I have a new channel with mplayer but on load up a load of wrting comes and goes...
  2. any luck????

    any luck????
  3. which ios?? have some niggles on Mplayer and motion plus

    Hi Everyone

    Firstly a big thank you to Messie for his guide on softmodding a 4.2e wii, i am a numpty novice and have managed to soft mod my wii:D with...
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    External Hard Drive Pata?????

    Hi Guys
    I have just used the threads in this forum to add HBC with usb loader gx to my wii v4.2e with D3-2 drive, i know i can't use disc's (backups) so have soft modded, have installed browser on...
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