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    wbfs game file?

    I am used to a iso game file, so I wasn't sure what to do when I downloaded wii partysupp01. Does this just mean that the game is only partial? It was a wbfs file, so I couldn't use the wbfs file...
  2. any alternative to run games w/ cd or usb?

    I bought a 16 gb, and my sister wants some games on her wii, but only has a 4 gb flash. Also, I know how painful cd's can be to get the right ones and it only holds one game.
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    What to do with RAR files?

    I know you staff members like to say, "This is illegal, you cannot crosspost", but I seem to have no other option. I cannot find the answer to this question anywhere, so it's either i get help, or I...
  4. Getting from downloaded to burn stage?

    I know that this is a dumb question,but which files do I extract and burn. I keep getting neogamma dvd read error 1048, so I think I am doing something wrong. Does neogamma have a reputation for not...
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