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  1. thanks for the peace of mind

    thanks for the peace of mind
  2. Is it possible to just get one game bricked???

    Hello All,

    So i thought i semi-bricked my Wii after installing an upgrade right. But it turns out that everything works fine, all my games both PAL and NTSC (my system is NTSC) original and...
  3. Semi-Bricked my Chip-Modded Wii.. Please Help!

    Hi there,

    Im really new to all this hacking and programing stuff, so your patience and consideration is greatly appreciated. But anyway heres the deal: i've owned my NTSC wii for a good 6 months...
  4. Thread: Hello

    by amf


    Hello new member here. Thanks for the great site ive used it a buncha times before i decided to join. Ive found alotta useful stuff on here, keep it coming.
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