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  1. 3.3u banner brick, drivekey? UUD? Pink Fish?

    Drama #1 - I have a 3.3u banner brick. I bought a drivekey and the savemii dongle. but I can't get the UUD or pink fish disk's to autoboot. I now know that the drivekey's autoboot function is off by...
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    Yes, BUT you'll need the official wii backup disk...

    Yes, BUT you'll need the official wii backup disk , the Savemii dongle, or a modded gamecube controller. The autoboot feature of the Drivekey is off by default, so you have to bypass this using the...
  3. Drivekey, My Brick, Wads, and Scrubbed ISO questions

    I recently turned my wii into a Banner Brick by making silly mistakes in banner editing. Anyways, I found a post on the internet detailing how to unbrick my console using a modded gamecube controller...
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