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  1. If I install a wad is it still dependent on the .wad file

    In other words can I move or delete the wad files that I've already installed or are they dependent on those wad files?
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    Thanks But I'm still confused

    I'm on a mac can you please tell me like exact step by step instructions? Thanks! :D
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    Restore Default wii theme 4.2

    I installed Darkwii theme a while back. Now I want to restore the original theme but can't find it anywhere online. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Ok can some one give me the exact format (very detailed) of the folders on the sd

    THanks for all your help
  5. Can't Install Homebrew Apps on Homebrew Channel.

    I installed the HBC with Bannerbomb and Hackmii on wii 4.2 firmware, it worked the only problem is when I start The HBC nothing shows up. The only thing that happens is the network icon blinks a...
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