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Thread: Anyone have review of starwars the force unleashed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delgoth View Post
    I thought the game was great. But sometimes the lightsaber moves don't get it right, you'll swing the wiimote and sometimes your character doesn't respond the way he should, or at all. You have to do it right. The Wii Motion Plus add on would prolly fix this problem though.

    Since the game doesn't support the motion plus, i doubt it will.
    I was really looking forward to this game but i dunno i just didn't excite me.although watching my friend play i think i may give it another go.
    Maybe i'll just wait for the pc version.I think i was hoping it would be more jedi knight: jedi academy kinda game.
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    I really enjoyed this game. The controls were fine except for a multi force push incident that really pissed me off for about 30 minutes straight. I just unplugged the nunchuck and plugged it back in and all was good.

    The story is better than all 3 prequel movies if you ask me and as a jedi, you really kick ass.

    I don't like how the finishing moves for specific boss things were pretty much the same throughout the game but I can overlook that for hurling wookies off cliffs.
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    I think it got pretty repetitive and so I never ended up completing it..

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