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Thread: ps3 not reading any discs - no soft mod

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    ps3 not reading any discs - no soft mod

    Ok im a wii man im asking this for Cousin! He has a PS3 but it is not reading any discs. He has told me it is going to cost him £120 sending it back to sony. Has anybody got any cheaper ways of doing a fix in the UK? Sorry havent searched but can someone please help so I can pass on some advice on to my little Cous?



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    I have a PS3 60GB and everything is working fine, but a little while ago a problem started. When i turn it on it doesnt detect my CD game. No its not the drive because if i play a demo two seconds later the CD Game option shows up in the menu. I tried to use other games and nothing works unless I play a demo first. DVDs and other type of CDs work ok, but the Game CD option won't show up unless I play a demo first. The games play good and they are not scratched. Any ideas?


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