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True but this is only with the first PS3's the 20gs and 80gs i think.. u are lucky if you have one of this models.... everybody else only has the newer models 40gs and 60gs i might be mesing up in the 80g and the 60g not sure... i dont remember wish one comes with the compability to play ps2 games
I shall quote for you what i posted about 4 posts up, the most people who own PS3, can run PS2 games.

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You need to brush up on your PS3 information, its a little rusty

60GB US/Japanese/European have backwards compatiability, though the European one uses software emulation, as the EE was removed.

20GB US has full EE backward compatiability.

80GB including the MGS4 pack and before have software Emulation.

40GB, 80GB release after the MGS4 pack cannot play PS2 games, nor can any other models.

So as you see, thats quite a lot that can play PS2 games