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Thread: softmod a ps2 fat?

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    Unfortunately, the sksapps site kinda sucks... a lot. It's difficult to navigate until you figure out that the person who wrote it was on crack... then it makes sense. ::EVERYTHING ON TOP, YEAH, ALL THE LINKS ARE GONNA BE IN THE SAME BAR, I DON'T NEED TO HAVE STUFF LABELED VIA CATEGORY IN DIFFERENT SPOTS, THAT'LL JUST MAKE IT SLOWER TO CLICK ON! YEAH, FAST, MAN!!!::: And that's how I feel about that.

    You've got about 99% of what you need to softmod a PS2. I would recommend that you splurge for a 200-500gb seagate IDE HDD and find a ps2 network adapter on ebay or in your local game resale shop. The compatibility for games with USB Advance is really, really terrible. This is primarily because the PS2's USB is 1.1, not 2.0, and it can't keep up with the bandwidth needed to play those FMV's. So for now, at least, until Open Loader really takes off, USB is a last resort.

    What you really need at this point is a way to exploit a vulnerability in the PS2 and run that initial bit of code to install FMCB (Free McBoot). You can buy an Action Replay, which has a usb port that you can plug into and load your code that way. You could hardmod your PS2, using either a modchip or swapmagic... or something. Or, you could send a memory card return postage paid to a friendly soul who has the hardware capabilities to install FMCB for you. After you do find that entry point, the sky is the limit. You can burn patched .iso files to disc and boot them with ESR (which doesn't support CD's, btw). You can use your network, USB HDD or IDE HDD to boot games without a disc with OpenLoader or HDLoader. This rocks, and is very very fast. You can play Divx videos and MP3's with Simple Media.

    If you want the files and some advice, PM me, and I'll email you the utilities, or give you a link.

    On a side note, it'd be awesome if this forum turned out to be a way to make some coherent guides for PS2 Softmodding. I've got most of them half written already, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimi232 View Post
    Hmm,... I've been looking into this for a good while now (weeks) and I am not quite sure what all is needed. it all seems a bit overwhelming. And I can't figure out what guides are the most recent.
    What I have:
    External 160gb hdd,
    ps2 fat,
    8mb memory card,
    and tons of games, but not the 007 one. and no AR code disks.
    Oh, and the usual pc things.. such as a laptop, usb mouse, wireless internet... um... all kinds of usb and other stray cords.
    Would there be any way I could just use some sort of these in softmodding? or will i absoulutely have to go buy other things?
    I softmoded our wii, but that seemed a lot easier than the reading and searching I have done for the ps2... 0_o

    I am currently in the process of softmoding my PS2,I know what you mean!! It does look a little overwhelming to do,but with a lot of reading & perseverance,you will work it out.

    Free mcboot is obviously the app you need to install to the ps2's memory card to boot your backups from dvd/cd or even a HDD,but there are many different ways to get free mcboot to instal. I have read all the different methods & decided to go with the swap magic cd/dvd install. Just waiting for my swap magic cd/dvd to arrive & I am on my way to a modded PS2! This is the method I am going to use,it seems ( well to me it does ) the easy one to understand...

    free mcboot install with swap magic

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