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Thread: Wiihacks Linux Guide - softmodding using Linux and ext2/ext3/ext4 USB loading

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    Just wanted to give you a heads up that CFG USB Loader works fine with ext2/ext3/ext4 loading as well, it isn't limited to just USB Loader GX. Also wanted to say thanks for writing this guide, I had wanted to do similar prior but never came up with the time. You my friend have done a great job though, better than I ever would have

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    Are read speeds with ext3 USB loading faster ?

    It is on my xbox360 just wonder if it also applies for the Wii

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    game directory

    So, I updated USB Loader GX, installed the forwarder, partitioned my drive, and my games don't show up. I have tried putting them in the root folder of the drive, a folder named wbfs, and a folder named WBFS. My games just don't show up. I have ripped a sample as .wbfs as well as .iso and nothing. I feel like it is something simple that I am missing. Worse comes to worst I will just make a small wbfs partition for my drive, i would rather not though if I don't have to. Thank you for any help

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    Looking great! I believe Configurable USB Loader supports ext* file systems. I plan on testing WiiFlow tonight/tomorrow. One program you might want to list is Wiiload/ Also, it might be worth mentioning a drive can be formatted to FAT32 with GNU/Linux. The FAT32 guide has instructions, so you could just link to it or copy it if you didn't feel like writing your own.

    Tested: WiiFlow r417 with ext4 - doesn't work. Configurable USB Loader v70 with ext4 - doesn't work. So stick with USB Loader GX for ext* support. I'll probably just continue using WiiFlow and FAT32.
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    Just to thank and acknowledge all the work. No fragmenting, no 4GB limit, no stealing from developers' mouths: what else do we need?

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