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Thread: ftpii [Guide]

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    Hi, im having a spot of bother with this aswell, im on system meu 4.3, using ftpii 0.0.22. Im running all my homebrew from my fat32 hdd, no sd card incerted. When i start ftpii it connects to my pc, then when i try to trnsfer a file i get the below error.

    Response: 550 No such device
    Error: Critical file transfer error after transferring 262,144 bytes in 1 second

    My main goal here is i want to store DS games on the same hdd as the wii games, i cant see how to change the destination folder on the hdd, the folder structure im seeing (wii end) is;

    Is there a way for me to specify a different location on my hdd?


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    Is the ftpii link in the original post broken? It's not working for me.

    I needed to make sure i downloaded the correct version for my wii (4.3) so i used google aand found a download of version0.0.22 and that worked (tried 0.0.21 orgiginally and that didn't work).

    Only one issue now...I can browse to my sd card but i can't find my external usb HDD. Should i be able to browse to that or is it impossible? It's NTFS if that's an issue.

    I know that the external usb HDD is connected and working because wiiMC can see it and play files etc. How can I browse those files using ftpii?

    i have one error when the ftpii receives the FEAT command - error as follows "502 command not implemented"

    EDIT POST: don't worry about replying to this post. I realised that ftpii cant see my usb hdd because its NTFS. I ended up using wiixplorer instead and the ftp utitity in that is great. now i just use filezilla to easily add things onto my wii sd card and wii usb hdd.
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    This guide is no longer supported. click here for new guide and FILEZILLA WALK THROUGH! lol

    Did I come off like a jerk?? Read more here


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