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Thread: Mplayer CE and SMB + Windows 7

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    hi i simply cant get this to work, i had it fone on another computer with xp but no matter what i try it wont work, im using my ipv4 address have share file named correctly gone throu all your instructions and the other linked guide, i dont have a password but i even tried adding 1, have tried with home groups on home groups off i just dont get it, can anyone offer any help please?

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    Question for you folks that have this actually working... How long does it usually take to show your directory listing over on the Wii??
    I just ran through Emuhacks guide and set up both my Win 7 laptop and my Mac. I finally got all the sharenames and whatnot done right and it looks like MPlayer is connecting just fine.
    But Ive let it sit there for a few minutes and I get no files listed, its just blank.. I can hit the 'B' button and go back to the previous menu so I know its not frozen either..

    I set up my Mac for both SMB and FTP and I get the same results either way..

    I cant imagine theres anything more I need to do on my Linksys router for them to talk, theyre all on the local subnet so they can see each other just fine..
    Maybe its just being slow, Ill go out for a smoke and see if this screen is showing me some files by the time I come back in hehe..

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