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Thread: WiiHacks,Ocarina Cheats Guide.

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    I would like you to write that/those in to a few blown guide.

    I believe that the staff would agree with me on that , that Guide would be very useful and should have it's own Thread.

    Just my opinion.

    PM me with any questions.


    P.S. I Moderated your post, so that only staff could see it.

    It's still here.
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    Ah - perfect, thanks for doing that. That could give the staff an opportunity to examine it. I'll follow up via PM.

    Thought I'd also follow up with your tutorial about aquiring cheat codes:

    The program Cheat Manager by Spritez can compile cht files from a cheat code list stored on an SD card (directory X:\txtcodes, where X is your SD card). I believe Accio Hacks can also do the same thing (I'm not sure on the details). This way you don't need a computer. Most backup loaders also have cheat compilers built into them. Most of them agree on the same directory as listed above.

    Cheat programs such as the Action Replay and Gameshark normally handle cheats for you, but I suspect they work the same way; when you "turn cheats on", you are compiling them and placing them in a directory where the code handler will find them. From there, all you have to do is boot into the game using one of the handlers - I believe these are the "hooks" (if memory server correctly, VBI and GXFlush are a couple of examples).

    To turn more cheats on, you have to start from an empty list since there aren't any practical or widespread/ public programs that allow you to do this for the Wii. If you have favorites, you can always move them to the front of the list by editing the cheat code list on the computer (the .txt file). It's really easy to do because the format is plaintext and meant for humans to read. Don't worry about the .gct files - they are replaced every time you edit your active cheat codes.


    I just sent the PM now. Let me know if you haven't received anything.

    -Edit 2: June 7th, 2013-

    It has been a couple of weeks since my last edit. I wanted to let you and the other staff know that I will be watching my notifications and awaiting your response. I also sent a response via PM.

    I am ready to post latest work for my guide at this point. All I need is an approval to post the guide and a suitable thread category (i.e., a thread I am allowed to post it).

    Sorry for the inconvenience/ digression in this thread. I can continue this conversation via PM or in another post if preferred, although I don't see the digression becoming excessive at this point.
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