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Thread: how exactly do you "hack" a DS and where can you get a M3 or other cards?

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    If you purchase an R4 you've been scammed, they don't make them anymore. Get a DS TopToy, thats what I have, works PERFECT. Theres a nifty little Ipod emulator homebrew app, plus you can play any DS game rom that you download, it auto patches, not many cards do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by splodgeyrog View Post
    yes, and also, dont get an r4.
    I bought a genuine one, and no new games work with the originals, they stopped giving updates. so you have to get custom firmware.

    Im getting a new ds card soon which will have compatibility for dsi.

    I find the best place for them worldwide is Amazon.
    2gb sd card very very cheap, and fits about 40-50 medium/large sized games on.

    Probably best bet for one to work with a ds old/lite (not i) is an m3real
    HEY!! IVE GOT AN R4 original and works perfect with all new games and everything. you mustve got a fake man (btw they dont make real r4s anymore).

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    hi, i've 3 mds reals for my kids for the last year and have no problems with any of them, well worth the money and very easy to use. u just dl the systems folder and put it onto the micro sd card, then make another folder naming it NDS, then put ur games in that folder, but make sure u name them with .nds at the end. have fun

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