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Thread: Nintendo's storage solution announced

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkPhantum View Post
    didn't the new update allow >2GB SD cards?

    also, what about the external USB HDD support?
    We're not talking about the SD capacity but being able to install and play WADs directly to and from the SD.

    I don't know what's going on with the USB support but it'd be great to know.

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    What they really need to do is implement external USB hard drive support. I can't believe Nintendo designed the Wii with such limited internal memory. In this day and age of video gaming, everybody knows data storage is an important aspect of a video game console, with all the downloadable content that is available and the multimedia capabilities of systems.

    Microsoft did it right with the Xbox. Even with the stock 8 GB Xbox hard drive, you could have saved games for every Xbox game in existence and have plenty of hard drive space left over.

    I really hope Nintendo is working on USB hard drive support. It's the most convenient solution to long term storage.
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    its questionable if they will release a usb solution, there is a high risk of it being hacked/exploited that way to boot games directly off it. theyre trying to eliminate the current hacks so not sure theyd want to open up a new hole.
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    I tend to agree, Nintendo has always kept their systems fairly minimal.

    Any HDD sort of setup is probably not happening with the Wii unless they can justify it. So far, without homebrew the Wii doesn't play downloaded MP3s or MP4s or anything fancy like that, so it's almost moot point. Nintendo has never been the advocate of large storage devices and has tended to move only as necessary. If you look at the past generation, both Microsoft (XBox) and Sony (PS2) had support for HDD on their consoles, but Nintendo didn't. Heck, Nintendo was the last of the major players during the time to move away from actual cartridges (N64... and they pissed off SquareSoft enough that they went with Sony and stopped making for Nintendo for a while). Maybe next generation when MediaCenter-like functionality is more like a "standard" sort of thing on all consoles and they start getting left out... (ie: feature that "everyone else" has and wants).

    As far as exploits and homebrew being available, Nintendo is probably not spending an overly large sum of money to close them off at the moment. They probably figure that when they update the system and remove the holes, anyone who puts them back and is at a later rev is very easily detectable.

    As far as running off of SD cards, SD is supposed to have a unique ID and other security features on it so that you can't simply just copy it over. Most of those features are rarely used on typical applications, but they're present. Also, at this point they'll probably be signing anything that runs off of that card with encryption with more levels of keys.

    As far as buying SD cards, it's a nice and cheap *now*, since it's like 10-15$ for a 2 GB SD card, but anyone in the computer industry can tell you that RAM is one of those cyclical things that keeps going up and down depending on how much supply they have, or if they're trying to offload it because the next generation tech is coming out...

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    i dont see why anyone is shocked by this

    in the past this is all that Nintendo has done, why should it be different now...

    Sega VS Nintendo

    the Nomad, probly one of the best portable systems for the time could do SO MUCH
    play master system cartages
    enabled 2 player
    full color
    had a external battery you could buy
    and most amazing feature of all that no portable system ever had which i thought was always bad ass
    it could be hooked up to the TV, Power, and you could play it like the actual system, the device was a controler, and there was a slot for a 2nd person

    and nintendo had the 200 usd cheaper GameBoy original xD

    the gamegear which was the original portable system from Sega came out in 1991 and the first system Nintendo had that was on par with it was the gameboy advance SP, in 2003....

    Saturn VS N64 are the same thing...

    nintendo just likes to keep cheap and thats how they got so far, its sad but true

    to be fair though, i dont think the VC, and Wiiware are so great they need to be so protected from piracy... i mean how many people own atleast one of the VC games they are selling, and yet they expect you to pay for the same thing several times

    but on topic again

    nintendo is going to do all it can to make the wii different over making it the same, they lack many things that will prevent piracy from the start...

    PS3 is region free, and if the wii was there would be a LOT less people looking into mod chips, and homebrew, since you have to do so much to play a game that cost so much, you just end of stealing it xD

    each update usually gives useless features no one cares about

    3.3 what really changed, Homebrew got Killed for a week on newer systems, and Mii's got some more features big whoop

    if they were smart they would make a 2nd gen with a bigger limit, able to use higher memory cards, and a real use for the USB's with region free, and then update it once in a while and give it good updates

    in closing, we should be happy were getting anything from the company known best for cutting cornors

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