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Thread: Pins qestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolboy20062 View Post
    For the pins, you say add lots more solder. Why is adding solder necessary? If so, do I add it by putting it on the tip of the iron or by aligning the solder horizontally and then run the iron across?

    Thanks for your responses
    by aligning the solder horizontally and then run the iron across.....

    Remember....make sure you have fluxed the pins and the connection pads first

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    Lol, looks like an epic fail from a noob:

    I put the solder and tried to move it across but none of the pins even broke apart. Gosh I'm buying so much stuff from radioshack just to replace this dumb thing, can't I just mail this to you modderman and you replace it and then I can pay you? Or any other places that can do this for me at a reasonable price? I'm thinking about giving up... It's been like about 2 months since I had this problem. All this occurred just because my wiikey suddenly stopped reading burned games, should have not opened my ribbon cable. I think the problem was a short, electric tape should fix that, but for this latch...

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