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Thread: xbox mods ....... Bad review by customer

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    I saw this post linked from craigslist

    I am the one who operates

    this problem had happened but was resolved in November and is now being reposted by someonce else dont know who exacly but probably my competition.

    The guy was given a new console for this misunderstanding. And not everything he said was true but that was all resolved and he took down this ad

    I dont know why the admin of this site chose to post this now in janurary.

    some notes from the story
    - about the toster thing. that was a last resort and I warned him that the console might not work after and this is a last resort option. it seemed to have worked for some on xbox-scene
    -the drive was labeled with a E-XX number so i wouldnt mix up the drive with another one.
    -I dont personaly test consoles because i dont have time to sit there and play a game for 2 hours. so i get close friends and family to test consoles to make sure their stable.
    -i am over 19 years of age
    -this issue was resolved the same day.

    and to top it all off here is the guy who had the problem original, posting on craigslist about someone taking advantage of his situation.

    Re: xbox 360 mods Here is a total screw job by west coast modders

    A note to the admin
    - I hope you at least hear me out. If you are the guy on craigslist operating the "modchip depot" store I am not flagging you I rarely do wii mods maybe once a month. were in different markets. theres enough room for everyone. and good luck to you in the future

    Was posted not as you said January,,,, but in Nov of last year....and not by get your story straight

    we have no problem with you..

    this is a forum..where people post or have content posted

    we are wii....not xbox

    thread will be closed

    edit: does this thread need to be reopened?
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    man....why can't we all play nicely.

    Everyone has good and bad customers.

    Do onto others as you would have them do onto you!!! if you give attitude expect it back, if you are nice, expect someone to be nice back.

    I admit, I've had a few scraps with some customers, I could count them on 1 hand in my 10 years of modding.

    I've even had scraps with other modders, only coz they sap you for info and then try to compete in your area and then have the gall to threaten violence against me, my family and my premises...Get a life coz life's too short for crap like this.

    No matter how hard you try sometimes, not everyone is pleased, if the world were any different it would be a boring place to be.

    Chin up guys and give your fellow human some respect!!!!
    --==MicksXboxMods Australia==--
    Professional Xbox360, Wii, PSP, PS2 console modding and repairs.
    18 years trade experience

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    Thread now closed....

    Wiihacks Super Mod / Admin

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