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Thread: Tired of the hypocrisy

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    I love it when one person says something and then the whole site is accused.

    There are so many factors to take into consideration here and we decided not to help anyone with this game until official release.
    Maybe Bluphant knew that the release of this title was imminent and didn't know someone was going to leak a demo... A demo has been leaked but if it was a demo Nintendo wanted you to play don't you think they would have released it via a Disc not a .ISO....?
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    I understand both sides of the debate here. Yes we can download and play games we don't own. And yes we can get in trouble for it. I still don't think that it is right.

    This is to administrators: In the bittorrents for Beginners guide, there are actually links to The Piratebay and Isohunt. I am thinking that it might be best to have these links removed.

    Just a thought.
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