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Thread: A goodbye and farewell from your Wiihacks staff

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    Quote Originally Posted by shane141279 View Post
    I would just like to say i meant no offence to the new staff who i have only just seen i was concerned because i thought nobody was left to help anyone please accept my apology sorry for any offence caused i just thought we had nobody behind us but i can see we have new staff and i wish you all the best in your new position's
    No worries guy.. It's all good. the other staff that are still here and even some of the old staff will be here to help. You weren't completely abandoned.

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    Yeah but that was said by shift_lock hes full of exhaust lol. Well you guys already have a chip on your shoulder trying to follow the last group but I know you guys will make them proud. * waves wiihacks flag*
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    Quote Originally Posted by mauifrog View Post
    Please come back, life will be better.
    +1, even taking into account Nighty-spam and odd's "just a little off" avatars that I see in my sleep. We/I would love to see you back

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    Tell me this is an early April Fools Joke....This is unreal...You all will be sorely missed and a big THANK YOU for all your help...Someone better PM me some contact info or something...Good Luck and Best Wishes to you all.

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    A series of unfortunate events culminated in the decision of Cile, Ithian, Krafter, Krank, Nightstah, Oddgriffin, Robgee789, and Stomp_442 to leave their WiiHacks Staff positions. I will not be discussing staff matters except to report that we continue our work to improve WiiHacks.

    Our former staff have decided to decline our invitation to return. While saddened by this news, I am glad to learn that they have remained together and are pursuing a new venture--a new community website. With such talented, hard-working, and wonderful people at the helm, I have little doubt that we will soon see another successful community website launch in the near future. I wish them much success in their new site development efforts.

    For any WiiHacks members or staff who remain friends, please feel free to do so. Only good things will come from continued friendship with these kind, decent, and principled men. Once their site is launched, membership in both communities will offer myriad resources and benefits.

    While no longer WiiHacks Staff, their memberships remain open and I ask you to treat them with courtesy and care should they return on occasion. I, also, miss them very much and am glad I had the opportunity to work with them for awhile. I thank them for their hard work, care, and dedication to WiiHacks. Best wishes for the success of your new undertaking.

    I am now closing this thread as members and staff have said their goodbyes and thanks.

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