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Thread: Is there any person being sued for torrent use?

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    Just my2 cents. Try a program like Hotspot Shield or HidemyISP. THese direct you thru an our sourced server that chagnes your external IP address. So when you torrent, it sees that ip. You will lose some speed on the downloads but it has worked for me so far. I have had my share of scare letters. Has made me think of the consequences but hey, this is addicting stuff. To me it is worse than smoking or drinking. A lot like haing sex with your parents in the room next to you. The more chances of getting caught the more fun it is to try an hide it from them.

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    If you are using encryption your isp will not know what you are downloading. They will know from what ip, but not what. They are not going to capture every packet for a 4g multipart rar and try to decrypt it. The only people who know what you are downloading are those connected to you.

    You should setup your bittorent client to update its tracker info using TOR, this way your isp is not recorded on the tracker.
    You should download, and browse for torrent through tor, or some other anonymous proxy.
    You should use peergaudian, peerblock, ipfiler.dat, etc, to block known bad ips
    Also, in your client you should set the ip reported to the tracker to something bogus. Or if you want incoming and some privacy, setup a couple free domain accounts and chain them together to your ip. You could use and and other, just bounce it around a few times.
    This is what I do. (I may be a little paranoid)

    You also must remember that those being sued are being sued for uploading, not downloading. That is why the $ is so high. This makes usenet very attractive, and with encryption to keep your isp off your back. $10 bucks a month or so.
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    Well my cousin was telling me he got a copyright infringement notice from his isp the other day for downloading an episode of a tv show.

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    At the end of the day with mac spoofing and hacked modems more common than you think = ISP bandwidth used and I.P. address downloading copyright material might not be you!!

    Just swapping macs and using 'disposable*' premium download accounts means the people intent on doing this get what they want faster and if an ISP does log something the only details they have belong to someone else left holding the buck!!

    * By disposable I mean they dont hold any of their own files unlike most long term users, just download solid for 3 days, rinse the monthly allowance and move on to another premium account and some other poor sods mac address.
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    This thread is nearly 3yrs old, please don't revive old threads.

    Thread closed.

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