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Thread: WiiHacks Valentine Contest-Win a WODE!

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    Love WiiHacks For Ever

    These are mine, might now be good but i figured i would write them. Im no there short, they also are true.

    I stayed at WiiHacks in attraction,
    And it was in fascination,
    It was do to the fact of the collection,
    Whick came with a great population,
    Just being here is like a vaction,
    The is no need for frustration,
    You eventually get it with some navigation,
    You get a great perception,
    Just from staying with determination,
    So stay with us at WiiHacks and Join the addiction.

    I love WiiHacks, it is never wrong,
    And the community keeps it lasting long.
    WiiBacks isn't bare,
    It has all the info to share.
    I love the community because its always there,
    I was never asking, what i'm looking for its not here, so where?
    I never got the chance to ask a question,
    Because it was answer by a minimum of 40 in the population.
    WiiHacks got me to say WooHoo!
    So now i love you.

    If you join fight,
    fight for the right,
    We might get more bites,
    The more bites the brighter the night,
    The stronger we are is the closer we are to the sun light.

    Thank You,
    Happy Tree Friends

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    Why I Love WiiHacks

    The honest simple truth of why i love WiiHacks is that a few months ago i inherited my brothers Wii. this Wii didn't really seem to special with all my friends playing their xbox 360's and playstation 3's. then i learned about a softmod for my old school xbox and that expanded into other consoles. i now have a flashcart for my DS and a softmod for my Wii that I learned about here. this changed my being jealous of my friends systems to them in awe of my evolved Wii and its pure awesomeness.

    all this thanks to this amazing place my friends are envious of me, and i kick ass at super smash bros brawl!

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    42yrs old early nintendo fan (smart enough to survive some coding...) realized that there was a new world inside his (crypted) new console...
    claps to Dogeggs for turning softmodding from awkward command lines entries to logical flowcharts...
    respect and kudos due to the HBC affiliates for the hard work, without you...

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    Why I love Wiihacks

    There are many reasons one could give as to why they love wiihacks. For me mine are simple really. I have two childeren ages 3 and 8 and between them and there friends I would have spent a fortune on replacement disks. With the help of so many people that make the wiihacks community I have learned how to make backups and mod my wii in ways I never even knew existed. The community that makes up this great site and provides the detailed guides that walk many of us through difficult and trying wii times is what I love about wiihacks. The community as a whole wether it be visitors, posters, or even the moderators is what makes this site truly unique and a place for all to enjoy. Keep up the good work everyone and Happy Valentines Day.

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    Why I love wii hacks

    Why I love Wiihacks!

    From moderators to noobs
    you have made my wii complete,
    from cios to mymenuify
    my wii now typifies me,
    I no longer want for
    a PS3, So I thank you all and say


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    I feel I am going to jump on the bandwagon despite my criticism I never miss a comp.
    the wii

    Its a puzzle! If you cant figure it out I am writing what it says in an unclear color below, to read it just highlight it.

    ((once I had a wii I thought was useless.. Then the nice peopl at wiihacks showed me the way. My once useless wii was transformed into a homebrew machine! Any problems I have had have always been answered quickly by the lovely people on the forum. Now I am on my wii non stop, every day, and that is why I love you wiihacks a joy to gamers everywhere.))

    Also the bit after hacks is supposed to be a full stop/period.

    Well this kept me occupied
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    Thumbs up To My Love

    Dear Wiihacks,

    At one point in my life I felt like part of me was missing, like I was missing part of my soul. It wasn't till I found Wiihacks that love flowed in to my heart and overwhelmed me with joy and happiness. You made it so I could change my ways from conforming like everyone else and inserting a disc to play my favourite games, but now it is possible to prove our uniqueness and load our favourite games from a removable storage device. Sure you may have your flaws like newbie members not searching the posts before posting but I am not perfect myself. On that note Wiihacks I leave you to ask your self will you be my Valentine?

    Sincerely, Bahawks2
    Lets try our hardest to search the fourms before posting questions

    If I Gave You a Hand, Be kind and hit the Thanks Button

    ---Wii 3.2u---Usb Loader Gx with 500GB WD hdd---

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    Why I love Wiihacks.

    Wiihacks, you were my first I'll always remember. You and I met by utter chance, I stumbled upon you while in despair, and you rescued me and guided me through. You hacked my mind and soul, showed me codes that made me shudder. I'm now in forever ecstacy. complete my Wii.

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    Thank you WiiHack, thank you Gen3sf, thank you Messie, thank you WiiJohn, thank you Nightstah, thank you Stomp_442, thank you Shadowsonic2 and thank you dogeggs for all your courtesy and patience!
    You have raised Wii console to a higher level of fun!


    PS. Of course... I LOVE YOU!
    Last edited by Mirkec23; 02-13-2010 at 04:39 PM. Reason: It's a Valentine's day!

    Nintendo Wii LEH2470XXXXX
    System menu 4.1E (Waninkoko)
    preloader v0.29
    BootMii v1.0
    Homebrew channel 1.0.3
    WAD Manager v1.4
    USB Loader GX 850c

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