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Thread: WiiHacks Valentine Contest-Win a WODE!

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    Why I Love WiiHacks Is Because...

    ... you complete my gaming life.

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    Ca Why I **Love&&^^ Wiihacks

    You have made my life complete . I knew I was miisng soemthing until I met you!! Now cant live without you.

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    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
    Not a soul was gamming not even with a mouse,
    I was hoping the gift that Santa had for mii,
    Would be the one thing I wanted, a Nintendo Wii,
    I awoke the next morning and to my surprise,
    My wish came true and I received my grand prize,
    With joy I unboxed and hooked it up just to see,
    That there was a great thing now on my TV,
    My tube was no longer just a thing just for news,
    But now it was a gaming system for my family to use,
    A day or so later with my arms tiered and sore,
    I got bored with the system that I loved the day before,
    I searched and searched the web for something new,
    And came across wiihacks and all of you,
    I quickly learned how to hack my wii,
    And now I have all my favorite NES games on my TV,
    I can play backup games right from a hard disk,
    And donít have to leave my chair to accomplish this,
    Thank you all out there and Homebrew too,
    For your help and know just how much that I love you!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
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    why i love wiihacks

    i love wiihacks because If i hadn't stumbled upon wiihacks, my wii would be under the bed, gathering dust, as the result of a failed youtube tutorial!

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    WiiHacks poem stuff!!!

    WiiHacks is amazing,
    and all the mods are grand
    cuz when I was on 3.4 dogeggs lent a hand
    But I got stuck on 4.2
    and thought that it was done
    never again could my wii ever be as much fun
    but thanks to you, messie boo, you helped me see the light
    and because of the guide you wrote my wii became alright
    If I would not have found you guys then life would be unjust
    not for me, but for my wii cuz he'd be under dust
    and modderman to you I am eternally grateful
    cuz without this site my wii would be to me just plain hateful
    wiihacks to me you seem to be an angel from above
    or simply just the cupid who put my wii and me in love!!!
    END OF POEM!!!

    btw messie I'm a dude, but you can still be my boo if you want... Hope my gf doesn't get jealous lol

    If I helped you at all or contributed in any way please hit the lil' thanks button!!!

    Full Hacking Guide 4.2 System Menus Virginize Any 4.2 Softmodded Wii

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    I Love You Wiihacks Poem

    One look
    One rose
    One touch
    Thats all it took for me to fall in love with you Wiihacks
    With one look I knew I was yours
    one touch to my heart you had the key
    Your everywhere I want to be

    One time
    One promise
    One thought
    One love
    In one time there was no turning back
    With one tutorial I believed in everything you said
    All it took was one thought of you and everything was prefect
    You are my one love Wiihacks

    All it took was
    One guide
    One Wii
    One SD
    One PC
    Some time
    One Site
    And one thought
    To know that your everything I need .

    |Wii Friend Code (6250-5560-1305-9974)|Smash Bros Brawl Code (3051-8783-9456)|Mario Kart Code (0904-3392-4208)|COD Modern Warfare Code (0040-9676-7844)|Tatsunoko VS Capcom Ultimate All Stars Code (3610-2427-2473)|

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    Why I Love WiiHacks..

    I Love WiiHacks, and The Moderators Too.
    For all the help and the things they do.
    For the people are friendly and this is true.
    And I hate BIG N , and there mission too.
    To destroy our WII Because of Homebrew.
    So to "BIG N" I give a "BOINK YOU"!
    To WiiHacks dam "I LOVE YOU!"

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    Wink Why I Love WiiHacks

    It wasnít too long ago that I was a new Wii owner with hopes and dreams of exploiting my new console to get every last ounce of fun out of it. However, I was terrified of bricking my poor Wii, not to mention I had no idea where to start. After sifting through a few wannabe sites, I stumbled upon the holy grail: WiiHacks!
    I followed Messieís 4.2 tutorial, with a little trepidation at first, but as soon as I saw that Homebrew Channel I was ecstatic. In no time I was playing all sorts of backup and homebrew games.
    Now whenever I have any Wii related questions, I immediately log on to WiiHacks. Or when I want to shoot the bull about Wii. Or when Iím bored. Or basically whenever my computer is on.
    I love you WiiHacks, and I am damn proud to be a member of our community!

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    I don't have a wonderful poem for you guys, or a certain member that helped me the most... But I thought this would be a good place to show my appreciation for this site. I didn't follow a guide, so I have nobody in particular to thank... Instead I read just about every related guide, fearful of making myself another non-searching noob the moderators ban. I was also afraid to brick my wii, and this special combination of fears motivated me to search the forums for a very long time. I had great difficulty hacking my wii and encountered too many problems to list by the time I was satisfied. But every time I ran into a problem, I could search and probably find the answer. If I didn't find the answer, I looked again and realized I had overlooked it the first time. It took a long time, but I was able to completely softmod my wii (FOR FREE!) without posting a single time. I didn't have to ask any questions, the information was already here!

    Like I said, I don't have a person to single out and thank... But I would like to take this opportunity to say if you work for this site, or if you posted a guide... Or even if you just answered a question because someone needed help...



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    Why I love (to hate) Wiihacks

    Like most people here I followed the tutorials, (thanks Dogeggs), and modded my Wii. It was great. Except I made one mistake.

    I told my mates. Who are computer illiterate.

    Who told their mates.

    So far I have modded 16 Wii's.

    This is why I love (to hate) Wiihacks.

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